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Looking For a Unique Cinematic Experience?

We are an independent locally owned and operated cinema, bringing you the best movies from around the world straight to our screens in Taupō. Starlight Cinema Center offers a luxurious and boutique movie experience with our 5 cinemas, including our popular Lounge Cinema. All cinemas are equipped with high quality screens, surround sound and state of the art 3D technology. Our confectionary bar is well stocked with a variety of popular candies, ice-cream and savoury treats! We also have a selection of soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine and beer for the adults! While you wait for your movie check out our range of game machines at Time Out leisure centre, the perfect way to kill some time before your movie!

What’s playing now

Our Cinemas

Outdoor view of cinema

The Lounge – 11 seats


Movies playing currently – $200
DVD’s – $150

20% off the candy bar!
$50 deposit to be made one week prior to event date.

Outdoor view of cinema

Cinema 1 – 188 seats

Great for fundraisers! Call us for more info on this.
Enjoy 20% off candy bar!

Outdoor view of cinema

Cinema 4 – 73 seats

$500 for first 40 people, then $10 per person
Enjoy 20% off the candy bar!

Need a break?

Come and escape inside the realm of romantic comedies, watch your favourite stars, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and new comer Anya Taylor-Joy flirt and dominate the screen with their star crossed lovers.

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Love Superhero movies?

Starlight has all the latest Marvel and DC movie releases. Watch Tony Stark and Clark Kent Duke it out in their respective superhero universes for the best comic-inspired hero stories to come to the screen.

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And, Action!

Addicted to adrenaline? Starlight Cinemas have all the latest Action thrillers. Love explosions, high speed car chases and death defying stunts? We have you covered.

How To Buy Tickets

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